icon Disaster Recovery

What happens if my backups fail? CSG | IT Solutions believes that a single drive backup is not suffecient. We have seen too many recoveries fail due to a currupt backup drive or failure of both the system and drive due to electrical problems.

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icon System Assessments

Where are your bottlenecks? CSG | IT Solutions can come onsite and find your bandwidth issues typically within minutes. We can show you what to do to make your network flow correctly again and install the needed hardware within a few days

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icon Off-Site Support

Support internet connected pc CSG | IT Solutions can remote into almost any system no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. We strive to keep your systems accessible so when you need assistance we can help

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icon On-Site Support

In person, in as little as an hour CSG IT Solutions typically has very short wait times for on-site assistance. We can provide swift and accurate repairs of systems and get you back up

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Why choose CSG?

CSG IT Solutions provides years of experience and highly skilled staff to provide flexible and cost effective solutions to fit your business. Each business is unique in its needs and CSG IT Solutions offers the flexibility and know how to accommodate virtually any small business. We strive to lower your IT costs with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and discounted retainer rates. We also offer time and materials services on an as needed basis.

What people are saying about CSG | IT Solutions

Chris was AMAZING! Our entire companies email was down for 8 hours and no one could fix it...I called him and he fixed in 45 minutes. His prices are extremely reasonable, he is a pleasure to work with, and we will use him again in the future.

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Virtualized servers allow you to upgrade hardware 100 percent seamlessly and even install a second server without adding any new hardware.