E-Mail Systems

Local Mail Servers

On-site, Secure, Locally Managed

CSG IT Solutions can build/repair/ or upgrade your local mail servers no matter what technology. Whether you want a Microsoft Exchange upgrade or you’re looking to migrate from legacy systems, our techs are experience in all deployments. Do you feel like you’re held hostage by an obscure legacy system? We have the techs that can help you out. Are you looking to move toward an open platform with highly published standard uses? We can help you with that too.

Advantages to keeping your local mail servers are still numerous. They’re very cost-efficient and low maintenance. You won’t be restricted nearly as much on mailbox sizes and you’re less prone to attacks. Give CSG a call and we can help figure our your mail needs.

Cloud Based

Off-site, maintenance free

CSG IT Solutions can migrate your current email system to a cloud managed solution of any kind. Whether you’re looking to migrate to Google Apps, hosted Microsoft Exchange, or any other cloud service. This is a great way to take some stress off the in-house IT staff and it’s surprisingly affordable.