Server Support

Server Problems?

Servers go down, it’s not “if” it’s “when”

CSG IT Solutions provides both remote and on-site services for small offices, large offices, and data-centers.

The technicians and engineers at CSG believe in preventative maintenance. We can help evaluate your current setup and prevent future outages. Most downtime can be prevented through regular maintenance and preparation.


Time to get rid of that old buggy system

Many people seem to put off upgrades. There can be lots of reasons upgrading is neglected: previously bad experience, lack of capital, the list can go on…

CSG IT Solutions can make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. In most cases performing the upgrade before any serious downtime occurs can substantially save money.

Our technicians at CSG have experience with all kinds of systems. Whether you’re upgrading from Windows 2003 or you’re upgrading an old IRIX server from the 1990’s: we have the technician that is right for you.  We pride ourselves on the competency and varying skill levels of all our technicians and engineers.