Chris was AMAZING! Our entire companies email was down for 8 hours and no one could fix it...I called him and he fixed in 45 minutes. His prices are extremely reasonable, he is a pleasure to work with, and we will use him again in the future.Lev, Oolong

We have been using Chris’ IT services for about seven months now at the non-profit organization where I work, and we have truly seen a shift in the way problems are handled. In the past, the companies we hired would “put a Band-Aid” on the problem rather than coming up with a true solution and helping us move forward. When Chris arrived, he took on a more proactive approach to handling our IT needs. He put in the extra time and effort to get us over a few barriers that had been plaguing us for years, and since then, everything has been running smoothly! We appreciate Chris’ warmth and professionalism as well as his responsiveness to our concerns. We couldn’t be happier with the invaluable services that he provides our agency.Katie, BFWC